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The Collector's Show

Harold Nicoll

The Collector’s Show – A Collection and Exhibition of Vintage Pedal Cars by Viktor Schreckengost

This week on The Collectors Show we talk with the curator of the Attleboro Arts Museum, Chuck Tramontana about a collection of pedal cars.

So many of us who were baby boomers had metal, pedal cars made by the Murray of Ohio company. What is interesting beyond the obvious love of toys from our childhood was the man who designed these toys. Viktor Schreckengost. Viktor Schreckengost, a prolific fine artist and pioneer of modern industrial design, created child-friendly pedal car designs for Murray Ohio for close to 35 years. His extensive line proved irresistible to youngsters and adults alike. Schreckengost’s training as a sculptor allowed him to ease into the design of pedal cars, and his creativity and sense of humor impacted his product line, resulting in not only compelling automotive styles but pedal planes, fire trucks, race cars and more. Additionally, Schreckengost significantly enhanced the pedal car industry by developing cost-saving manufacturing processes.