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Menu for Great Health – Cleanse Away Your Food Addictions and Allergies

Have you ever wondered why some foods like salty or sweet ones are so hard to resist? Do you wish you could “Just Say No” to foods that you know are poor choices? And what about all this talk about food intolerances and allergies? Is it true that we crave foods we are allergic to? Is going Gluten Free really important or just a fad?

You don’t have to adopt some radical diet like Raw Food, or going Vegan to get back on track. Besides being a lot of effort, such diets can be costly and time consuming. And are they even something you can stick with long enough to see a benefit anyway? A simple cleanse for as little as 5 days can have tremendous long term impact on your health. You will feel so great, you will want to do a cleanse every year!

This week we talk with Dr. Justin Pollack ND, From Mountain River Naturopathic Clinic in Frisco, Colorado. Dr. Pollack will help us understand why a Spring Cleanse is an important annual habit to get in to along with the wide range of benefits you can expect from doing a cleanse. He’ll share a range of ways to cleanse, from simply avoiding certain foods for a few days, all the way to a formal cleanse under the guidance and support of a heath care professional.

Tune in to hear how cleansing can benefit you and what foods you can add into your lifestyle to support the cleansing process. As always, you’ll find specific recipes on the blog, The Confidence Diet. Search for “Cleanse” to find posts related to this weeks program.