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Ripley Radio: An On-Demand Oddcast


Ripley Radio: An On-Demand Oddcast – Goat Brain Beer, Vampires & a Bonnie & Clyde Festival

Margot Adler has read more than 270 books and in return, she has written a book about that experience, Vampires are Us, and brewmaster Justin Low is making beer with goat brains! We talk with both this week, on the April 28 edition of Ripley Radio, the official broadcast program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Additional weird, crazy, strange and wacky stories on this week’s show includes:
Sara Latta shares a few of the most bizarre phobias that she writes about in her new book, Scared Stiff, when she talks with Tim; Chad Lewis takes us back on the highway with a couple ideas for May road trips – to a Bonnie & Clyde Festival and to the world famous Pun-off; Florida broadcaster Scott Fais recalls the night he spent in a haunted mansion in St. Augustine; Angela reveals that there was a city named Vulcan, long before the Star Trek series began; and Ripley archivist Edward Meyer gets excited while telling us about the newest heads he has acquired for our already huge skull collection.
Focus provides the musical egress this week with the haunting, Hurkey Turkey.