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Doc Holliday

Rock Splitting Politics – POLITICS KICKING INTO THE MID-TERMS 2014

Doc Holliday takes us to the politics surrounding the balance of the U.S. Senate that will be determined this November (or possibly December–just listen to the show.) Doc begins this show that gives us an overview of some of the races but he will need to continue the show into next week because of so many races being close. Primaries will determine many of the players that will be placed into the final pit battle that will determine if Harry Reid and his Democrats will continue to push the White House directives or if the Obama team finally runs into a brick wall called the U.S. Congress with both houses Republican controlled. Doc Holliday endorses Jason Congers in the race for the Republican nomination in the state of Oregon. So all you Oregon voters please mail in your ballot for Jason Congers! Doc touches base on the international scene and gives some great food for thought on voter I.D. laws. So get ready to click on another great show of information that you will not get anywhere else!