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The Book of Dad – How Big is Your Voice?

Since I can remember I have been trying to decide when, whether or not to simply to voice my opinion. I recollect my parents cautioning me to be quiet when “grown folks” talk. The problem was that when they talked, the most interesting conversations occurred then. Not only then, but when professional life started to spill into my personal consciousness, I watched the news, I listened to the radio; there I saw and heard the ignorant exploited for the sake of a story. Taking this concept even further, we see exploitive movies, permeating negative images of the poor and minorities. This is often times coupled with a “Jacked Up” image of the haves versus the have nots.

Enter modern IT, those with voices have inexpensive, convenient, legitimate venues to subdue those colonialisms. Born out of this are the “Spike Lees”, “BETs” and ‘Video -1s” , the Tom Joyners, Sydney Porters, and did I forget Oprah? Today we talk to Voicer and fellow Chester Pa., native Mr. Ed Grobes:

Ed Grobes – Media Specialist

“Good things come to those who wait… except success.”

That is the motto of Ed Grobes, a Media Specialist and founder of The Nazca Network, a multimedia production company located outside Philadelphia, PA. “Our goal is to become the leader in media creation opportunities in the region, then worldwide. Studio City will open doors for many people and change the landscape in the media world.”

Ed has been an artist since childhood and has followed his creative spirit throughout life. He honed his skills from his Chester High School days as an Art Major then studied at the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, MA before attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduating with honors.

While working as a Nuclear Electrical Tech at the local power company Ed decided to become an entrepreneur and started Nazca Design. The company started with graphic design and desktop publishing then quickly expanded to provide national ad creation and web design. Next came the addition of videography and audio production services.

After becoming art director/webmaster at a local Philadelphia television station Ed expanded his knowledge of TV production, web development and multimedia creation. He headed the team that created the world’s first 24 hour live streaming news simulcast in the year 2000, long before streaming was available to the masses. Over the years Ed has contributed to projects that have appeared on American Idol, Comcast, Telemundo, Univision, PhillyTVNews, CW, Fox and others.