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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – The Biggest Dating Challenge for Men

It is not newsworthy to declare that men and women are different! I remember the early 80’s when there was a movement afoot to prove that gender differences were based on training not biology. It didn’t last long.

Any mother can tell you how boys are girls are different. I sure found that out with my little boy and girl.

So, men are NOT the same as women and this is particularly noticeable when it comes to romantic relationships. It can be a big challenge when dating. Misunderstandings cause a LOT of unnecessary suffering and sometimes… potential compatible couples don’t go the distance.

In this show, Scott Bogart and I explore this territory and land on a few truths that you will not want to miss. Scott is the author of “Enlightened Dating For Men” and a man who is willing to engage in an openhearted and truthful conversation about some sensitive topics.

Also, in the Relationship Reality Check, I will tell you what MEN really want when it comes to romance! It’s a lot of fun.