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Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – You might be wasting one of your business’s most precious assets every day… and it’s costing you big

Did you start out your business with a lot of fire and passion, excited about being your own boss and just doing what you love every day? That’s what gets a lot of people started in business – but let’s face it, at some point you realize there’s a lot more to making a business successful than just doing what you love, and sometimes you end up so caught up in all the rest of it that you wonder why you started this in the first place – the passion is still there (you think!), but it’s buried under phone calls, paperwork and frustrating meetings. Sound familiar?

Well, losing touch with that passion not only makes your business less enjoyable, chances are it’s making it less profitable as well. Join me and my guest Darin Adams, author of “Lights, Camera, PASSION: Discover Happiness, Discover Success” for a “get real” look at how your passion and excitement for your business may be the biggest untapped resource you have, as well as simple and practical steps you can take today to re-ignite that fire and your business! Use Darin’s Passion Pyramid to help you get a grip on exactly how far away you have gotten from focusing on what you love most about your business, and how to start to change that, starting today!

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