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John Char, DDS, DHM, LMT, PhD

Holistic Wellness – Training Tomorrow’s Holistic Practitioners Online with Dr. Paul Drouin

Dr. Paul Drouin, founder of Quantum University, joins Dr. Char for an
hourlong discussion on one of Hawaii’s most unique online educational organizations.

Additionally, Dr. Drouin and Dr. Char share their views on the challenges regarding teaching alternative medicine in the United States and Canada amongst a medical field dominated by allopathic medicine. In Hawaii, Quantum University is one of the first, officially regulated degree granting educational institutions focusing on training professionals and paraprofessionals on alternative medicine, energy healing, Neuro¬ Linguistic Programming, and more.

Dr. Paul Drouin is a Canadian¬American medical doctor from the French speaking area of Quebec. For over twenty years, he has practiced both traditional and natural medicine all over the world, and has taught countless professionals on the topic of integrative medicine. He founded Quantum University, an online, self¬paced degree granting institution, in the state of Hawaii where he continues to serve as its Director today.