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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Reynolds Family Winery

The past five years have been rough for small, family-operated wineries in California: dozens of them have been absorbed by large beverage conglomerates that proceeded to increase production and destroy the individuality of the product. Steve Reynolds is a former dentist who purchased property on Napa’s Silverado Trail about 20 years ago and built a devoted following; he talks with Mark about some of the obstacles he faced, and the future of small-production wineries in Napa.

On Bizarre Beverage News, Mark probes the issue of whether alcohol impairs athletic performance, examines the phenomenon of Palcohol (a powdered alcohol designed for hikers, bikers and campers), and looks at the case of an Atlanta real estate developer who has filed a $25 million lawsuit against Britain’s Antique Wine Company for selling him counterfeit wine.


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