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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – Celebration Time!

It’s Spring!

Even here in sunny CA there is a new feeling in the air. It’s time for a fresh start – to let go of the dark and enjoy ourselves! On the New Relationship Reality Show this month of May, we will be shining a light on what brings us happiness and joy in our relationships.

We kick it off with Celebrations. I am reminded of that great song from way back when: “Celebration time… Come on… !!!”

Oh yes, I love a celebration. It is a time to let go of everyday cares and focus on the good there is in life. To honor a loved one’s birthday or to celebrate our Mothers.

And… the funny thing is how celebrating can bring on a whole barrelful of emotions. The HIGH moments can go low at any moment… when a ghost from our past descends… or expectations or memories or assumptions or… you know what I mean?

Celebrating can bring us together with people we love in a shared experience of happiness and joy. That’s what I talk about today with my guest, Gia Duke. Gia is a woman who LOVES to celebrate and has some lively and wise words to share about how to do it right.

So click on the show and listen to the conversation today. It’s a whole lot of fun and you might learn something that guides your next celebration.