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Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life

Jerry Katzman, MD

Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life – Colin Greenlaw Interview a story of ADD Depression and Anxiety Overcoming the Challang…

This Week Jerry Katzman M.D. interviews Colin Greenlaw the son of world reknown scientific researcher and author of Amazon’s No.1 best selling book on Kindle “Why diets are failing us” and the TDOS Syndrome (to be released) about his story of Depression, Anxiety, and struggle fighting ADD. He discusses how his father’s research led to a successful treatment( 10 years already) of his own afflictions without the need for traditional medications which were although successful initially, poorly tolerated over time, ineffective,and loaded with side effects . Learn why the TDOS syndrome and protocol were the key to clearing and changing his mentation forever. If you have a friend, family member, co worker or neighbor that has a child and has ever dealt with or is faced with dealing with ADD, ADHD, anxiety or depression you wont want to miss this episode of accomplishment in helping those in crisis.