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Menu for Great Health – Energy Bars For The Rest Of Us

Tired of energy bars filled with soy protein and other highly processed ingredients? Have trouble finding bars free from allergens like wheat, dairy, or nuts? It’s about time for snacks made from sophisticated foods like quinoa and chia. The wait is over!

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In this case it took a real Mom to invent a truly allergy free line of granola bars, snacks, and delicious cookies. Born from a need to feed children of her own along with other families, Bee Nut Free snacks are literally a life saver for people with allergies. Everyone will enjoy the terrific flavors and wide range of health benefits from the high quality ingredients and strict standards in production.

From kids to teens to adults, and even seniors, this is snack food you can sink your heart into. We are all busy and turn to packaged foods from time to time. Of course this is no substitute for the variety of whole foods we encourage here at Menu For Great Health.

This week we talk with Jo-Anne Tyson, founder of Bee Nut Free, and snack maker extraordinaire. Jo-Anne will help you understand why your paying attention to allergen foods truly matters. She’ll share a range of ways you can help bring better quality products to your favorite coffee shop or book store and to lunch boxes across the nation.

Tune in to hear how becoming aware of allergy causing foods can benefit you, your loved ones, and the world we live in. As always, you’ll find specific recipes for foods mentioned in the show on the blog, The Confidence Diet. Search for “Bees” to find posts related to this weeks program.