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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – The Reality of G.E.M.

G.E.M. (Golden Energy Machine), is the product of 20 years of self-funded research that was conducted by Judy Beebe after a life-changing mystical experience in 1994.

It was a visitation by Nikola Tesla, and involved an out-of-body journey that was followed by numerous visualizations, inspired insights, and new understandings about the nature of energy.

Judy began a voracious assault on the great books of knowledge, including the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Prima Materia, and many more. Her quest, to *Know God*.

What she learned is that God *is* hydrogen, whose atomic number and weight is “1”.

Judy’s insights into God, hydrogen and G.E.M. stand in stark contrast to that scientific community’s insinuations, in 2013, that the Higgs boson might be so important to humanity as to warrant awarding the joint Nobel Prize for Physics to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert for their research in uncovering the boson.

While scientific conjecture suggests that the boson *may* be the “glue” that holds the universe together, a wide space is maintained from effort to connect the boson to solutions to social and environmental problems that currently weigh on many minds.

Yet, some scientists are planning even larger incarnation of the particle accelerator, the Hadron Collider, which itself cost $10 billion to build and operate, which was deemed instrumental in the boson observation.

Beebe, also in stark contrast, spent less than .0004% of our life savings to uncover G.E.M., which has a myriad of applications, some of which have been observed in the past 100 years, before various *agencies* managed to shut them down.

In this episode, Adam sits down with Judy and talks about G.E.M. its reality, and its implications. The risks of adverse effects to human safety are none. The potential beneficial results are manifold. Even the understanding is now present.

Could now be G.E.M.’s time?

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