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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – A Positive Belief System for Mindfulness

In today’s episode of “Healing from Within” Sheryl Glick, author of Life is No Coincidence and her soon to be released book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love and Gary Quinn, author of The YES Frequency share wonderful insights into their understanding of the possibilities for creating our best life through the self investigation of inner soul resources and wisdom as we master our energetic emotions, exploring, mastering and implementing the universal laws of energy with positive intention and outlook lead us to greater success in handling everyday life issues.

Both Gary and Sheryl are intuitive healers working with higher universal energy encouraging their clients, students, and readers to adopt a positive way of thinking and acting for creating a vital healthy and satisfying life experience. Gary Quinn, author of The YES Frequency- Master A Positive Belief System and Achieve Mindfulness shares practical and insightful strategies for breaking old patterns that limit progress and the creation of successful experiences, relationships, and everyday choices. Other books written by Gary include; Angel Awakenings, Living in the Spiritual Zone and May the Angels Be With You. He is the founder of Touchstone for Life Coaching Certification Program and the Angelic Intervention Coaching Program. Both Sheryl and Gary suggest the ultimate goal for success in reinventing oneself into the best version of oneself and accessing creativity, passion, and intuition is self responsibility and courage.

Gary shares with us that his awareness of his gift of intuition and communication with Spirit began at about eight years of age. He had a strong impression that a boy in school was not long for this Earth. It felt to Gary like movement of time and the boy would vanish from his vision. He watched and sensed a feeling of dissipation as he looked at the boy’s face which seemed to be accelerating. After the summer, Gary had found out the boy had died in an accident. Psychics, mediums, medical intuitives and people of greater empathic qualities are able to sense the changes of energy in a person’s physical being. Of course at that time, Gary was unaware of that gift. He had an interest in swimming and found Olympic swim coaches. In 1976 he graduated from high school and when the 1980 Olympics in Moscow were cancelled, he began to train actors in swimming and at 25 years old, ended up in Los Angeles where he met several spiritual teachers such as; Terry Cole White, Rosalyn L. Bruyere and Neal Donald Walsh.

Excited about a trip to Paris for a recording engagement fell through. This sudden loss lead to a happening that literally changed the course of Gary’s life, career and the agreement he knowingly made with Spirit as a result of his time in Paris..he found himself in Paris without money, a place to stay or a way back home across the Atlantic. What started out as a dream come true ended in disaster, but finally lead to the most memorable experience ever. Sitting in the corner of a stunning cathedral in Paris, an energy came toward him radiating a strong vibration and hovered over Gary’s head. He became frozen- transfixed in stillness. Suddenly the warmth of the sun and light spilling across the pews in front of Gary gave way to form the shape of an Angel- an entity that was joined by other angelic shapes though only one communicated to him. Gary was overwhelmed by a feeling of trust and calmness and heard a voice inside tell him to remain in Paris, that there were lessons to learn and that love would guide him. Gary was told he was there to learn about the angelic forces and the voice said “I am Archangel Michael”.

Sheryl shares with Gary that she often has coincidences with her guests that are both enjoyable and instructional. When she saw the title of Gary’s book, The YES Frequency, she was reminded of one of the first messages she received from a medium at the very beginning of her spiritual awakening. The medium told Sheryl that her mother, who had recently passed, was present and said that very often Sheryl said she was unable to do something when asked and said No instead of Yes. As this medium said this to Sheryl, she could almost hear herself responding exactly that way and now realized it was due to fear of change. As a result, Sheryl was missing many opportunities. Sheryl’s mother now wanted her to say “Yes” and when Sheryl’s chance to host this radio show “Healing From Within” came in, although she had some slight hesitation, she remembered her mother’s message and pushed past her comfort zone to say Yes!! And here we are four years later talking about the importance of the “Yes Frequency” for transformation and change.

Gary explains the Yes Frequency:
1. The Yes Frequency is within you.
2. Believe and receive– Begin to think speak and live consciously…when negative thoughts float in recognize them and replace them with positive thoughts
3. Catch yourself using old habitual patterns of speaking that might produce lack and limitation, and rephrase speech to produce abundance and unlimited potential in our lives.
4. Let go of things that aren’t working for you, ask for the things you deserve to experience and to be the kind of person you should be.

In explaining the Yes Frequency, we may say it is the vibration and a frequency inside your words which dictates how the universe perceives your intentions. The word “yes” is used to express affirmation, agreement, positive confirmation, consent, approval or happiness. In the same way, we expand our possibilities by saying yes… the patterns of our vocabulary and how we use every single word forecasts our future. We need to move past the mind which is always trying to make a judgment or attachment AND limiting our innate instinctual movement towards positive advancement while trusting the frequency experience of Yes as a powerful force inside, based on the truth that we are divine beings and part of the force that creates the beauty of the earth and infinite universe. Consciously or unconsciously, we are all in alignment with this force. Learning to flow with it leads to great acceptance of all things, people and events. In many aspects of our life, NO seems to be the larger feeling…often our own internal fears negate our desires and innermost dreams, and No becomes synonymous with what we call “reality.” Some of these NO responses come from people who care deeply about us, from social groups and cultures which define the rules and regulations of expected behavior but ultimately, this focus or direction is not best for us. Remaining in alignment to the integrity of our own life experience and needs of the soul will help us to resist the NO impulse and to honor the YES within us for optimum success.

Gary explains the Core YES Codes are the foundation on which we will build our personal mission statement and help clarify and prioritize our values and beliefs because understanding our goals is always the first step in reaching them.
The Core Yes Codes are;
1. Yes, I am on it ( No Procrastination)
2. Yes I can! (Stop the excuses for why you can’t do it)
3. Yes I am! (Erase the thoughts of “If only…”)
4. Yes I have! (Change feelings of lacking to gratitude)
5. Yes I will! (Push through and let go of those who have said NO)

Gary discusses another book wrote, Living in the Spiritual Zone and refers to a 12 Step Program which is actually the means for figuring out and acting in alignment with core values. He suggests a person usually has to hit rock bottom in order to begin to rebuild or reinvent their lives according to their higher values and inner spiritual goals.

Gary asks us to bring to mind the company we keep..what our friends and associates are like. How is their behavior or life style supportive of our own or how is it affecting our “Yes Frequency ?” Since our lives are so intricately entwined with others, we are affected by the values, attitudes, and actions or emotions emitted by those around us. It is a known fact that negativity and abuse, whether verbal or physical, can lower the immune system and the well being of a child or adult. Constant bombardment by negative energy and negative thinking bring in thinking that reflects a lack of possibilities and lowers our potential to be healthy, joyful, and to have success in our goals. Pay attention to the behavior of people in your life and it will reveal a great deal about their character and you will begin to recognize the people you resonate with in harmony and balance and those that bring in less pleasant feelings. Many people will take on the victim mentality and become used to that whining, blaming, and exploiting way of living, believing the glass is half full and then become one-sided or off balance and not in flow with the universe. If you are open, balanced and living in positivity, you will manifest your dreams and goals magnetizing opportunities and great people toward you and create the events that inspire you. Learning to communicate by becoming effective in expressing with positive tone and energy is the way forward to achieving great results.

Gary suggests and Sheryl agrees that over the years our highest values may change as we evolve and have various experiences, but if we choose to live with a value that is out of balance with our true selves, or no longer appropriate for the person we have transformed into, we will squander time and energy and be pulled away from a better life or mission purpose. Unfortunately, we believe this happens very often. Gary tells the story of a client whose higher focus was only money. The story goes as follows; this woman’s thought process involved financial security and her idea of success was to be surrounded by celebrity and people with money. She cut herself off from those without money. She was convinced that only these physical manifestations of financial gain would bring her happiness…6 years later when Gary met her, he could see she was anything but happy. Now that she was older she wasn’t being included by her superficial friends and was trying to recapture her earlier glory days. She had limited her development and focus to only one aspect of life. Perhaps if she had lost her money and hit rock bottom, she might have been saved and found humility and compassion were more necessary components of the “Yes Frequency” and her goals should have been more than money.

Gary says that we are part of the cause and effect, or domino effect, and it may not hit today, but down the line the things you have been thinking and saying will put those intentions and wishes into motion. This concept is also perceived by many as The Law of Attraction. Gary says visualization or envisioning what is needed or desired and then taking action are what feeds this Yes Frequency raising it up to a level drawing the desired outcome within your reach..This goes for travel wishes, work opportunities, love interests, improving relationships, health situations, money needs, etc. The Law of Attraction works in alignment with how powerfully you are able to raise the Yes Frequency vibration. The Law of Attraction says our actions bring back or mirror the same energy or responses…love brings love, anger brings anger and so on.

It is known that especially in times of turbulence in your life when faced with opposition, if you step inside the positive feeling of the Yes warmth, or your intentions for your highest well-being before you react, you will set up an environment for peace. Therefore, the Yes Frequency is a universal feeling of building a sense or memory of positive feeling with thoughts that bring happiness. Ex. Sitting in your friends house by the pool, a holiday with family, a trip to a natural setting or place of beauty or culture, watching a scene from your favorite movie or reading your favorite book, a prayer, a poem, a song, being with someone you love…drink in these precious moments and memories and then you live in the embodiment of love, forgiveness and permission to know self-love which does not mean using yourself as an object, but means that you love and respect yourself from within. You will see your relationships with others change dramatically as you change yourself, and access the self-love from within.

This brings us to the power of forgiveness and why it is important to future success and how it works with a positive state of mind and the Yes Frequency. Over the years ,many negative things have undoubtedly happened to you and to each of us. We may have survived a breakup or a betrayal, a fight with someone, or a disappointing work situation. Blame is one part of many people’s reaction, but hanging onto negative emotions does not allow space in our subconscious to activate the Yes Frequency and to move forward to achieve your dreams and wishes. Forgiveness through positive repetition can break negative cycles.

A key phrase to target blocked energies may be:
I forgive myself and all others- say it over and over. Repetition like a mantra or sound healing vibration allows the healing to take place. Remember forgiveness isn’t about justifying anyone’s negative actions…it isn’t about them at all. It is about letting go with love and not clinging to the anger as a form of identity. The only one being hurt if you continue this anger, rage, or whining disappointment is YOU. Some of the instances of being wronged are profound and life-threatening and sometimes these victims are the first to forgive as they may be grateful just to be alive. Many people are afraid to forgive for they fear their protection will crumble leaving them vulnerable..the truth is we are always vulnerable but that allows us to feel other uplifted emotions like happiness, joy and love. The barriers we put up when we choose not to forgive cannot really protect us from getting hurt again anyway.

In life we know there are choices and finding the balance to feeling good. Some ways to do this is by changing our emotional quotation or behavioral patterns and are listed below.
1 Understand the patterns that may have been set in past negative experiences and change that interpretation of it
2 Recognize your gifts and talents and interests.
3 Shift your energy
4 Discover your destination and set your course in that direction.
5 Eating and exercising uplifts our energy and by building a forgiving attitude and healthy body we move towards TRANSFORMATION

In describing the subconscious versus the conscious mind, it can be discovered that the subconscious mind absorbs everything like a child, and for example, if you lived in a home where there was bad music, negative images, and words disrupting your thoughts and sleep with no break, when you were finally sent into the world, you would act and react like a confused walking disaster. If you were in a home receiving the “Yes” vibration or positive reactions to your thoughts and behaviors, these positive affirmations, the sharing of good energy, meditation, beautiful music, stunning images, comfortable surroundings, healthy food, and cozy sleeping quarters, would allow you to have trust in people and chances for miracles are more likely to happen. You would possess the power to live inside a healthy brain and body.

Gary and Sheryl have shared ways to look beyond the past, to be present in this moment, and to create with the help of surrounding Universal energies and life our own magnificent life experience and the formation of a world brimming with fine possibilities for growth, love, and expanding creation. Gary shares this view of mine and writes. “When your thoughts are sparkled by positive thinking and uphold your inner values, this creates an invisible intention that will dictate your future. Your values cradle your destiny”. Sheryl says “You are indeed what you think, let us remember our divine essence and the beauty of each soul so we can correct any wrong thinking, judgment, sense of loss or blame that haunts our actions and then boldly go forward into the higher vibration of love”.