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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – World Exclusive! New treatment to smooth out under eye bags & wrinkles: Dr Lycka & Dr Avram

Under eye bags, loose skin and wrinkles in the under eye area bother many people but traditional surgery and treatments, whilst providing some relief, are not always the full answer, and doctors & patients have been left wanting ‘more’. Well today we bring you another World Exclusive as we reveal a unique new product which deals with under eye bags, skin crepiness, under eye puffiness and lines, in a revolutionary method, and with no surgery or downtime. This product is called Neotensil, and is described as a Daily Under-eye Reshaping Procedure. This week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your show host Dr Barry Lycka welcomes Dr Mat Avram, Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Dermatology Laser & Cosmetic Center to tell us in detail about this product, what it is, and how it works. Dr Avram has been working with Neotensil and he calls it ‘a game changer’ for under eye bags & wrinkling! Not only does Dr Avram explain in detail what is Neotensil, but he talks about how easy it is to use it, the dramatic results that it creates, and the testing process that has been applied to it.

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