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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Why Wives Nag and Husbands Tune Them Out Plus a Unique Life Fully Lived

Wifely nagging and subsequent husband withdrawal is the number 1 cause of divorce in the USA. Guest Jamie Turndorf, PhD, America’s ‘Dr. Love’, explains why wives nag, why husbands flee and how men and women can come together to stop marital battles. Learn the most common marital ‘fight traps’ and how to strip conflicts of anger and emotion so the two of you can solve issues calmly and rationally. Guest Karen Kain relates the inspirational story of her special-needs daughter Lorrin. Unable to speak and confined to a wheel chair throughout her brief 15 years of life, Lorrin joyfully embraced life and Karen bravely accepted her daughter’s uniqueness. Together, they tested life’s boundaries undeterred by conventional rules.