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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – Happiness Ever After

We’ve all heard the phrase, “And they lived happily ever after…”

It may make you swoon or have you rolling your eyes… depending on your romantic perspective of the moment. Doesn’t it seem to be a lofty statement to make with the divorce rate hovering around 50%?

I believe that way too much attention is paid to the “Ever After” part of that equation and never enough attention to the “Happily” part.

Knowing how a couple can maintain a Happy marriage, not just one that can be marked by its length of time… does that seem like something worth exploring?

And to do this not only for each of us personally, but also in service of creating a better world… one marriage at a time.

Well, that’s just what Kat does on this show with her guests, Pricilla & Greg Hunt, who are coming up on their 38th wedding anniversary and genuinely exude a happiness that is downright contagious. Just listen in and you’ll know what we mean.

Pricilla is Executive Director for Better Marriages. She and Greg are Certified Specialists in Marriage Enrichment. They are one happy couple.