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Brett Goldstein

Your Money Show – Stop Wasting Money On Vitamins. Which Ones You Need and Which Ones You Don’t.

In this segment of Your Money Show, we discussed which vitamins work and which ones don’t

Our guest Dr Smith talked about the billion dollar vitamin business and how all of us are wasting money with certain vitamins. Dr Smith tells us which ones we should take and how much we need to stay healthy.

We also talked what to do if you owe the IRS $15,000 or more. The IRS came out with a new amnesty program where they will erase all of the penalties you owe. We will tell you who qualifies for the program and whether its a good idea or a bad idea. On the surface it sounds great, but it sounds fishy to Your Money Show.

Your Money Show also talks about the dark side of loaning money to yourself. People borrow from their 401k and their life insurance. However is it a good idea? We discuss all of the pitfalls.