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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Beginning is Near For Infinite Potential

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Sheryl Glick author of her soon to be released book, The Living Spirit-Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes the talented group of Toltec Shamans authors of Dreaming Heaven, a Movie DVD, Journeybook and Meditations: Gini Gentry, Lee Mc Cormick, Francis Rico and Kelly Sullivan Walden. Dreaming Heaven is a documentary film, an intimate mysterious portrait of people from many walks of life led through the ancient Toltec city of Teotihuacan, an ancient sacred temple, plaza and Pyramids of the Moon and Sun to discover what is real authentic and true: to experience the deepest inner part of their being and by dreaming or focusing on Heaven actualizing Heaven on Earth. Teotihuacan’s most enduring legacy as a spiritual center—the oldest mystery school in the Western Hemisphere—it’s name translating as, “where Man becomes God”.

As we walk the path of the Naguals, the Toltec word for guides of that time, we may discover a pathway for clearing obstacles, limiting beliefs, negative past experiences, shame, self-inflicted pain, and addictions and create the means of healing at the deepest levels. We may discover the effective means to deal with the changing world to make it more representative of both ancient and modern wisdom for a Unified and Collective Reality for the future.

Teotihuacan is a geographic location, an ancient city shrouded in mystery, a center of both craft and commerce, but its most enduring legacy is as a spiritual center. It is a place that is alive with an energy that surpasses belief systems. It is a place of faith and the energy of the people who prayed there throughout history.. It is a consciousness where you may realize that there is a lot more to reality than what most people are living The name means Where Men Become Gods….the structures are believed to have been built between 100 BC and 250 CE It housed over 100,000 people at that time and was among the largest cities in the world at that time.

Teotihuacan can also be translated as “City of the Gods” and the most prominent feature in this vast archeological site is the Rio de San Juan (the San Juan River) which runs through the center of the site. The principle structures include: The Plaza of Hell and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Avenue of the Dead, The Plaza of Earth(aka Temptation), The Place of the Women, The Plaza of Water, The Plaza of Air, The Plaza of Fire, The Plaza of Recollection, the Pyramid of the Moon, The Plaza of the Jaguar (Heaven) and The Pyramid of the Sun (the second largest pyramid in the New World). Beyond the history and geography references to the structures which are believed to have been built between 100 BCE and 250 CE the authors of this story share what each structure represented and how they help us look more clearly at our outside world to then look more deeply into our soul, exploring the reality of our being. Answers to age old questions such as who and what am I? may then be known. This is more than a simple inquiry: this is an Awakening, a calling from our spirit. The true knowledge of what we are is alive in the center or ourselves. Some seek to know and others don’t. The opportunity to awaken to our authenticity, the aspect of our unique soul is set in motion at conception. Our original purpose for being alive is encoded within this remembrance of Self. Discovering this truth of our being brings wisdom, and is the key to a clearer perception of our past stories and infinite potential.

In reading the bios of each of the authors Sheryl notices there is quite diversity in the interests and professions of each person who contributed to this project. The group includes a cowboy shaman, a drama queen turned dream expert, a recovering addict, a best-selling author, a Native American musician, a Hollywood publicist, an attorney, a teacher, a man with a plan and a skeptic all facing the Angel of Death, seeking answers to age old questions removing masks, releasing old habit, discarding limiting beliefs, and making a new journey to higher consciousness. Lee Mc Cormick is the founder of The Integrative Life Center in Nashville and a force in The Mental Health and Recovery scene for 15 years. Gini Gentry is known as the Nagual woman and a guardian of the Toltec wisdom. She has worked with Don Miguel Ruiz author of The Four Agreements which served to introduce the public at large to the mystical yet practical teachings of the Toltec Way. Franco Rico is a musician, shaman and author who combines ancient and modern shamanic wisdom with just having fun showing us we were born to be joyful and free. Kelly Sullivan Walden is known as the Dream Doctor and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and credits each of her journeys to Teotihuacan for being a catalyst in helping her awaken to live her “dream life.

The preface of the book is “We are Divine Beings dreaming the dream of our humanity.” Many have lived without the truth of their “unlimited potential” and remain small and in fear. We are creating every day with every choice we make, whether or not we are aware of it. Miracles and magic are possible in every moment yet most of us invest our faith and belief in stories that describe our limited perception of our spiritual gifts and potential creation. Many chose the role of victim and a few chose the role of hero no matter what their challenges ultimately becoming the authentic self actualized human being we were born to be.

The Dreaming Heaven Process is a program that may help you drop the wall the mask the pretense that your ego encourages and that keeps the light out, that separates you from the divine and the sunlight of your true being Often a Nagual is a man or woman of power: a shaman, a Toltec wisdom keeper can help you drop the heavy baggage of your false identities, release the fears and move towards freedom and joy. You will need to carry with you; courage, perseverance and open mind and heart and willingness to live in alignment with your deepest truth which is INTEGRITY.

The 4 aspects of the Weekly Practices include; Activations or exercises, Book of Dreams Journaling, Contemplation, Affirmations. The movie depicts the process and the JourneyBook offers reads a step by step method for realizing the true infinite potential they possess. In coming to terms with all of the uncertainty and looking more deeply at our external life, many people are also looking deeper into their personal reality that dwells within and asking “If I am not what I have believed myself to be, who am I really?” Looking into the smoke and mirrors that surround us and deeply into our souls is an awakening, a call from Spirit. Most of us live every day in a personalized reality with billowing smoke and ornate mirrors on the stage of a grand theatre we call life investing our faith in stories that describe our limited perception of ourselves and others rather than reflect our infinite potential.

All the participants in this film show us how important it is to be in a state of cooperation and oneness. Like master guides, they lead initiates to their awakening by sharing the authentic connection to a place and with the knowingness of aligning to the Universal and Divine Energy that exists all around us discover the blessedness of becoming a multi-dimensional being accessing the higher vibration of love and compassion and bring about change, shift or improve their energy, and discover the unconditional world that lies beyond DUALISTIC THINKING AND FEAR. These masters have embodied eternal truth and lead others committed in the search for the vastness of being.

In order for people to keep the sacred teaching alive in their lives once they have embraced it, they need to look more deeply at their external reality and then look more deeply within to their personal reality. In coming to terms with the questions “Who am I?” and “Who are you?” there is one great gift- we must decide to look into the mirror of life that surrounds us and to look into our soul needs accepting what is right for our life plan. Always moving towards our self development, regardless of what others suggest is the way. This is the awakening…a call from our spirit- the truth of what we are is alive in the center of ourselves…We seek it or we don’t..the choice is always ours. Be true to yourself, resonate in your own integrity, reach out to others with love and respect, work to improve yourself and the world around you. Be a rebel at times and bold and also an innovator. Recreate yourself in Your Dream Being. Find others who express their individuality with Boldness and Courage…BE REAL AND AUTHENTIC.

The Dreaming Heaven Process does work for people with addictions. They may begin with an intention to examine their life and step away from limiting choices, fear-based beliefs and habitual actions that do not reflect their true self. Be honest and face the truth you may discover about yourself and others without judgment and promise in the spirit of good faith to find your quest for realizing Heaven on Earth…Find or create an amulet or Talisman that reflects your innate spiritual essence. Wear it or carry it as a constant reminder of the truth of your Being. Allow it to interrupt your idle thoughts and REFOCUS YOUR ATTENTION IN THE MOMENT AND REMEMBER WHAT IS ENDURING AND REAL.

Advice we may give to people who have experienced moving through your methods of transformation to hold on to the new person they’ve become through the process would be to Remember to go outside- take off your shoes and feel the earth, grass or sidewalk. Envision Mother Earth supporting you and notice everything you see as a reflection of the sacredness of life. Write in your journal, read out loud, look at your personal history and the many voices and characters around you and within …the different aspects of your personality and growth. Think how your story has changed over time. Describe the lens of perception through which you see life: victim, martyr, judge, victor etc. Think of a wise and inspiration older person…Imagine how they live and see life..notice how this perspective differs from your own. TAKE GROUNDING BREATHS MEDITATE LISTEN TO MUSIC EXERCISE ENJOY FRIENDS GOOD FOOD RELAXING ATIVITIES GO TO A BODY OF WATER RECONNECT TO THE VASTNESS OF THE WORLD AND UNIVERSE BE HAPPY.

Sheryl loves this quote from your book Dreaming Heaven… “It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back…I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away..” In Sheryl’s personal journey, since childhood she has sought what some think the Impossible Dream… to experience life with truth, honor, courage, and love. To stand in our integrity or true life when sometimes it seems we stand alone is exemplified by the this Toltec quote. The Toltec body of wisdom and the journey and masters that lead us to that place of sacred Oneness- the place within ourselves, speaks as does that quote to being able to handle challenges of our physical life while remembering the soul and finding the support of others to love and to bring Heaven to Earth.