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John Char, DDS, DHM, LMT, PhD

Holistic Wellness – The Causes of Heart Attacks – the Silent Killers

Join Dr. Char as he hosts a two part show on one of your body’s most important organs – the heart.

In part one of the show, Dr. Char discusses the many various stressors that can accompany the ramp-up to a body prone to heart attacks. He discusses various health stressors within the following categories:
Oxidative Stress, Water Retention, Hormonal System, Immunity, Acid Base Balance, Lipid Balance, Organs, Electrolytes, Brain Chemistry, and more.

In part two of the show, Dr. Char talks about the “17 Daggers of Heart Attacks.” He first brings up a chilling study of how 1 out of 4 Americans have heart attack symptoms and other cardiovascular related issues, yet don’t know it. He later discusses the realities behind the most common published risk factors, like smoking, obesity, diabetes, alcohol, and cholesterol, and dispels the most common myths behind how well related these factors are to heart attacks and sudden death syndrome.


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