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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – The Getaway!!!

I LOVE Retreats!!

I have loved them since I was a kid at camp.

As a grown up, this love expresses with family reunions, friends who share my interests and romantic retreats where my husband and I enhance our relationship with NO distractions.

There is a certain kind of freedom that we CAN’T get any other way.

Have you ever gotten so caught up in your everyday “Doings” that you lose touch with your heart and soul? You know how that drains you of all the joy that life has to offer, especially with other people? It’s BAD NEWS.

The GOOD NEWS is this:
When you take the time to make your own wellbeing a priority, do you notice how it also works for the good of those around you? It works like Magic!

Today’s guest is Dr. Lisa Love. Lisa is a magician of the retreat experience and she and Kat dig deep into all the ways that retreats enhance our lives and relationships.