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Your Money Show – Proper Planning and Hospital Bills

I have often said that when you go to the hospital they will do a “walletectomy”. That’s when they remove all of the money from your pocket or your insurance companies pocket. The hospitals will do all sorts of things to make you better. However when the money runs out and they have gotten paid for everything, they kick you out.

With medical billing out of control, Americans need to know their rights. The Patients’ Medical Bill of Rights should inform patients that they have the right to dispute and challenge their medical bills. Not only should the bill of rights notify you that you can dispute any billing errors, it should notify you that you have the right to negotiate the fees just like insurance companies do. In this segment of Your Money Show, we discussed how to reduce your hospital bill.

We also talked with our guest Dean Hankey. The FACT of the matter is, if your audience gets bored they simply ‘tune out’ and don’t learn a thing! Dean shares with us how to be Amazing, Interactive, and Persuasive to Grab and Keep the Attention of your prospects.

Dale turned 50 and we discussed with him his retirement plan. Turns out he doesn’t have one and neither does his girlfriend. They have a 5 year old girl together, who ultimately pay the price for their lack of planning.