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Newt Gingrich

Breakout – Self-Driving Vehicles and the Future of Transportation

In this episode of the Breakout with Newt Gingrich podcast, Newt discusses how self-driving
vehicles from innovative companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and even Google are changing
the relationship that drivers have had with their vehicles for over a century. Self-driving cars and
trucks offer a future where driving is dramatically safer for people and better for our environment.
This innovation is also potentially useful to our military, which could integrate driverless technology
to transport materials around dangerous parts of places like Afghanistan and eliminate the risk of
injury or death to military members by using convoys where most, if not all vehicles are driven by a
computer rather than a human. Although this technology is still years away from being fully
developed and implemented, it offers us a glimpse of what our future on the open road may look like.

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