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Larry Bilotta

Relationship Revelation – Does Your Tween or Teenage Daughter Struggle with Low Self Esteem?

High school can be brutal. Many girls struggle to find what ‘group’ they fit into, let alone their own identity. Body image, emotional anguish and endless feelings of self-doubt can haunt a teenager – even into adulthood.

My guest today, Nordica Francis, serves as a teacher’s consultant for learning disabilities in high school teens. After 30 years of advising teens and their parents through the New Jersey public school system, she saw young, impressionable girls were consistently up against bulling from girls and manipulation from boys. Nordica is author of “RockStar Teenage Girl: SELF and Confidence Building for Tween and Teenage Girls”, a useful tool for parents and teen girls to directly deal with the source of their emotional and self-image struggles.

Today’s show is a must for any parent doubting whether it’s even possible to rebuild a tween or teenager’s self-image and help her feel confident and true to who she really is – no matter what her age