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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Stop being Juvenile about Open Carry

As they noted in their statement, Chipotle has tried to stay out of the gun debate. They were content up until now to just allow local law to dictate whether or not firearms were allowed in their restaurants. A problem or complaint was brought to them by other patrons who didn’t feel safe. I think they where provoked into and forced to do something about it where they otherwise would have left it alone.

I do open carry from time to time, for work or based on immediate circumstances. I don’t open carry as a matter of practice though. For the protection of my family, I personally, would rather not be visually flagged as an armed person. I want the element of surprise and control on my side. I want to be ready for trouble when it comes, but I don’t want to be targeted for it either.

Do I agree that open carry should be a right – absolutely. Do I think it needs to be flaunted and paraded around and waived around like a 3 year old who has a lollipop with a tootsie center and no one else does? probably not. IF one was to choose to open carry. I hope they have a good reason for it and that as a reasonable and responsible gun owner would consider that with equal weight against their right to carry it openly.

My business is all about the firearms, much of my life involves firearms. I believe strongly in the second amendment, but having the right to do something and flaunting that right are two different things.

My question always comes back to why? Why open carry…

Now, with regard to the Chipotle Open carry incident, according to reports the group had a variety of long-guns and shot guns, an AK-47, and a few AR-15’s.
This was a very obvious, novice, juvenile attempt at making people comfortable with guns that obviously is having the opposite affect and in fact making people UNcomfortable with guns. Stop being juvenile and join the debate as a reasonable, responsible, and concerned educator not a polarizing nimcompoop. Listen to the concerns of the other side of the coin and address those that can be addressed easily with solutions. Open carry of a handgun is one thing, open carry of a long gun is novice, juvenile and asinine. I don’t care if you carry your hair trigger 19th century .45 long colt or 20th century blinged out Combat 1911… Seriously I don’t care – go for it no big whoop….

The media has continually created a negative tone when it comes to firearms, and those who are not accustomed to them are bound to be uncomfortable when confronted with a weapon in a public place. I say confronted because if your that blatant about carrying a long gun into public just for the novelty of being controversial – ya your being confrontational – knock that nonsense off you weirdo and go home.

Open carry… is a double edge sword that reasonable people should find easy to get along with. The super important key to that statement is REASONABLE.
We have plenty of Unreasonable examples walking among us and don’t think for a second that the heated topic of gun control and 2nd Amendment issues doesn’t have its share of wackos and out of touch, attention seekers from either side. This brand of open carry is a fringe that leans hard to this ilk.

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