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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Faith In Heaven – Goodness In Life

In today’s episode, Sheryl Glick, host of Healing from Within, as an intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and medium, shares a message that consciousness survives death and the keys for our human self-development and knowledge of life, death, transition and eternal life lie in an open mind and hearing the stories of those who have had near death experiences. Joe Laws author of Held By The Hand of God-Why Am I Alive who had two near death experiences shares his remarkable story of communication with Spirit or God and why he feels he was not allow to die.

Sheryl shares with our listeners that her personal mission is to share with the public what she discovered about 20 years ago as a result of a visitation from her grandfather who told her to write something for her father who then preceded to die the next day. Sheryl was quite ill with the flu, which perhaps allowed her energy to connect to her grandfather’s soul, much like a near death experience. Of course Sheryl wrote her dad’s eulogy but after that, as a reluctant skeptic, Sheryl searched for answers to explain this event. She is not aware of another near death experience, although she almost drowned as a child, but still through following the connections, coincidences, synchronicity, and guidance from above, over time and with effort training and meditation, is now able to download messages and healing energies for her Reiki clients that she believes comes from the place Joe visited in his near death experience. Some may call it Heaven, Sheryl just calls it Upstairs.

Joe and Sheryl share the awe and miracle that they have been blessed to witness: life continuing beyond death and to feel those souls are still connected to us while we are on earth. These connections help bring love and a deeper meaning to our physical life journey. Those of us who have these experiences are compelled to share our stories in the hope that we may help others move beyond the fears and illusions of the physical realm to discover the infinite possibilities for creating the best version of themselves and their life. Understanding we are energy beings helps us to regulate and utilize our precious life force and to keep ever moving forward towards greater love and the creation, preservation and utilization of our natural resources for an improved physical life.

Joe describes himself as a fun loving guy with a deeply ingrained work ethic, family values, and a great sense of humor as well as guy who at times flirted with wild conditions, not always opting to be safe and secure. He shares his most recent near death experience and how Dr. Richard Miller Chief of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Trauma unit was able to save his life and restore him to functioning well after very severe injuries.

Joe says he was held by God’s hand from under his back, maybe it was because his chest was so damaged. He says he was picked up so softly and with a gentleness he couldn’t presume to describe. Joe never felt the pain even though the medics didn’t give him any pain medication because they didn’t want to risk knocking him out. Sheryl shares the feeling she had when in a deep meditative state during her second Reiki attunement, and although not a Religious person, she felt herself embraced by a higher force and love much the way Joe explains in his book, and she was also lifted up and held in the hands of a divine force. The experience of being lifted up and received in a higher loving energy during that attunement process was most profound and illuminating, so Sheryl can only say she felt blessed and privileged to have that moment of divine connection. She often thought “What did I ever do in this life to deserve such a moment as this?” Joe agrees to having felt the same way. Joe, in sharing his story of being received in Heaven, and knowing that he was only allowed to return to his physical life to share the story as spirit wanted, now enjoys his life in a way that was not possible before.

Joe goes on to write, “After my soul was hit by the force of a million locomotives, then I was in God’s hand, but I was like a teeny, tiny baby. I was my age and my size but at the same time, I was a baby—His baby—and He was showing me the way. I no longer dangled off His hands because now I was just a little creature being held by our maker. I looked up at the sky and stared at the most beautiful display of lights that no one here on earth can ever explain. His image or rather a ghostly image of what I hold in my mind as to what He looks like, came to my brain and was smiling. We didn’t talk. I never talked to anyone. We didn’t have to. He could read my mind, and I could read His. Or at least what he wanted me to know.

Joe described the love that enveloped him when he suggested he did not want to return to life and wished to stay in the hand of this protector. In describing that love, Joe writes, “The feeling of love that you will experience is indescribable. Hold your first child and then multiply that happiness by ten million and you won’t even scratch the surface of the love you are going to feel. It is a living thing. It invades and permeates your soul. You are suddenly transformed into this living thing, and it really is called love. You participated in heaven as you would here on earth, but it isn’t the same. In heaven you are all there to help. In fact that is the reason that I am writing this book…to share this story of love. Love and peace are what guides you in Heaven. Heaven is our actual home and the earth is just a mere portal to where we are going to spend eternity.

Joe says that he was fortunate enough to actually see his slice of heaven that would be waiting for him when it would be the right time for him to be there. “God showed me a ship that was yet to be built on earth that would use the earth’s ocean waves as energy to drive a turbine that propelled it along coastlines.. who knows it may be under design or construction now or someone may read this book and think it a good idea. But as I drove the boat at times when I looked into the passenger seat it would be my wife laughing or my grandson or granddaughter or son or daughter…that was my heaven.” While in that heavenly place, Joe saw his dad and grandparents who were waiting for him and knew he would be waiting for his kids at some point.

Joe says “Everyone in heaven knew everything but it was all love and acceptance and not the literal concept of hellfire and brimstone that some of us were taught as youngsters. Heaven that we all wish to reach someday is way more tolerant than what many of us were taught as children.” Sheryl agrees that we are here to have a life of joy and learning how to love at a higher level and that suffering is a man made condition that we create through illusion and fear. Sheryl believes thinking of what we have done as a sin or failure is a waste of energy and good will..just being good to yourself and others and open minded to the whisperings from Spirit is a way past the limitations and fears that others often try to impose on us..and any religion or teaching that separates us from the whole picture of life and Spirit is not following the laws of energy, God and Heaven.

In describing eternity, Joe offers his understanding of why most people cannot grasp the concept of eternity. It is because, “When you are in heaven you can understand the concept of eternity because you can see back on earth your kids and family and realize you are like an angel who can watch over them, yet, in a split second as far as time is concerned they are going to be there with you and what seems like a long time on earth is nothing but a moment in time because eternity is forever.”

Joe goes on to share another lesson he had observed in Heaven and perhaps what evil is and how to deal with it. Joe tells the story of the fisherman as he swam by them as a little shrimp like creature that God allowed Joe to become. Joe writes, “I swam by the first group of fisherman and they smiled and let me go .Never did they try to catch me or hurt me..they were good men trying to feed their families and others but meant no harm to anyone. The lesson here is greet people with a smile and a smile you will receive back…if people want to be unhappy then all we can do is be there if they need us. Love was what these fisherman gave.” The second group of fishermen had a different energy. Joe saw them giving hateful looks…they were catching everything and anything and wasting with abandonment the catch they were receiving…zero joy in their hearts and all they wanted was evil to follow them.

Sheryl felt a warm and synchronistic moment with Joe where he spoke of his remembrance of his Grandmama. Before Sheryl’s daughter had her first child, she asked her what Sheryl wished to be called..she thought long and hard on that subject and after months told her daughter the child would call her “Grandmama”. Months after her granddaughter was born, Sheryl was given a book by a student entitled Anne Mother of Miracles. It was the story of Anne the grandmother of Jesus, and at the very end of the book Jesus enters the garden and calls Anne “Grandmama”.

Joe describes a scene where he says “The trees, the grass, the shrubs and all their root systems were breathing just as we do”. “I noticed the trees were all interconnected as one and each of them had a job to do which was first and foremost to protect themselves and furthermore they were to help the other plants survive as well. The trees provided some shade for the tender shrubs and the grass provided a means to get nutrients to the soil from the air and to keep the soil intact so as not to hurt the root systems.” Joe goes on to say that he was actually “able to see the trees, shrubs and grass system fully breathing and alive. We all know the trees and flowers, grass and plants are alive, but never take the time to observe their life force at work.” In Sheryl’s new book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, she shares a similar observation that she made while in Maine and seeing the life force of light move from the base of the trees through the trunk and then to every leaf above. The miracle of that experience reminded her of “The Celestine Prophecy”, a book that spoke about the Universal Life Force or spirit of Energy that moves through every living thing. Joe and Sheryl have not only seen it but understand the interconnectedness of the Universe and the Oneness of Life as Spirit wishes us to know.

In the book, Joe shares a quote from a newspaper which he wrote down and hangs in his locker. The five simple thoughts to live by are; Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Leave the rest to God. The five Reiki Principles which Sheryl teaches to students who study this ancient healing art technique with her says; Just for today be slow to worry, Just for today be slow to anger, Be grateful for those in your life, Work hard and enjoy your efforts, Be Kind to others. Again, Joe and Sheryl share a moment of synchronistic commonality in knowing that God offers us much help in really knowing the important things to focus on as we go about living our life.

Joe has shared, in Held by the Hand of God his own remarkable experience of dying and seeing, feeling, and knowing that place beyond here, where love and higher values and respect for everything is the only reality. The feeling of love peace forgiveness and surrender felt by all in that place some call Heaven is carried back to this physical realm so it may be shared with others. That is the message Joe and Sheryl share with you, in the hope that one day all people will resonate in this wisdom.