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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Faith Wave: I Think… Therefore It Is with Peter Baksa

Author, journalist, master life coach Peter Baksa has traveled the world collecting scientific research and life experiences that lead to the development of a technological model that illustrates how humans manifest their reality. Now he is sharing his insights to help others discover how they can begin to hone in on their desires, set an intention and declare a set of behaviors that are in alignment. Baksa asserts that we must detach from the intention and allow the same source energy that creates worlds from nothingness – to help organize and attract all the needed ingredients allowing said desire to become manifest. His book, Faith Wave: I Think… Therefore I Am discusses the connection between science, religion and manifestation.
Peter’s research involved developing a list of all the major religions including their major precepts, going back about 5000 years, and summarizing what they can teach us. His research on brains revealed how a thought is an electrical impulse and our reality is a manifestation of those thoughts. Richard Davidson at Madison University discovered there is a correlation between brain wave frequency and the consciousness of an individual.

Peter says “The number problem we have is separation between spirit and ego.” We are spiritual beings. Ego is a fear based perspective, when we are afraid of losing something. In spirit, you realize that you are here to evolve as a spiritual being. We often get stuck in our ego and can become very fearful and depressed. From a spiritual perspective, it helps to become more open, humble and gracious. If you can come to a life situation with those three traits, you can rise out of a bad situation.
He discusses three steps for becoming more successful: Intend, declare and detach. Peter also recommends: 1. observe your thoughts, 2. redefine your idea of success and what you desire. 3 behave your way to success.

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