Love and Relationships

Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Successful Dating Is an Inside Job and Has Noting to Do With Where to Go to Meet Ms. or Mr. You-Are-Perfect-For-Me

If you’re single or have single friends or family members who are single, how many times do you say or hear –“There are no good men out there”; or “All the great women are married.”

This is your internal mindset or belief system that is reflecting what is going on inside you and not really an accurate representation of who is in the real world.

If you are approaching the dating process with dread or indifference who in the world do you think you are going to attract?

My guest for the episode is Helena Hart, a Certified Life and Relationship Coach with a masters degree in Psychology, a Master Coach Teacher for Rori Raye, and an expert in balancing the masculine and feminine energies necessary for success in dating.

Join me for this revealing 30-minutes. This is new information that could change how you date and relate to the opposite sex.