Love and Relationships

The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – To “I Do” or to NOT “I Do”?

That Is the question that Kat and her guest, the Reverend Cathy Norman, explore in a lively conversation on this show.

• What is the purpose of marriage?
• Is a legal union for security and protection or a spiritual bond?
• Does marriage actually bring security or breed contempt?
• Why do some people long to get married and others prefer to stay single OR have another form of commitment that does not include the legal mumbo jumbo.
• What is the history of marriage anyway?
• Who came up with this crazy idea?
• Is there an evolution of committed relationships going on now that is creating a whole new form of commitment?
If you are married, plan to get married or care at all about committed relationships, this show is a “must listen”, so click on the link and have fun.