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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu for Great Health – Inside Perspective From New Generation

What does nutritious eating mean to the new generation? Are they living on energy drinks and mall food? Do health issues like heart disease and diabeties even show up on their radar?

We were all young and infallible once, remember? Were you as concerned then about long term health issues as you are now? Did you simply tune out when your parents tried to talk to you about healthy eating habits?

This week we talk with Henna Hundal, a high school senior from Turlock, California and a dedicated advocate for young people’s health, wellness, and nutrition. Her “Health with Henna” podcast on Express Yourself Teen Radio empowers the new generation to lead healthy, nutritious lives so that they might be better equipped to face their futures.

Tune in to hear Henna’s inside perspective on how to empower young people to avoid a looming health crisis. As always, you’ll find specific recipes on the blog, The Confidence Diet. Search for “generation” to find posts related to this weeks program.