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Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey for Truth – Yours, Mine & Ours

Tom North was the fourth child, of eight children, by Helen North who was widowed at the age of 30. Shortly later, she re-married to a man who had ten children. Their story was portrayed in the movie: Yours, Mine & Ours, starring Lucille Ball in 1968. The comedy movie showed a large merged family trying to work out the kinks in their relationships to become a bonded family. However, Tom North tells us it was massively different in real life. “Eventually my mother began pawning the kids off to my step-dad to keep him satisfied. Specifically, he preyed on his daughters right as they hit puberty.”
What else does Tom have to share with us from his book, True North: The Shocking Truth About Yours, Mine & Ours and how did he move beyond such a painful childhood? Find out now!