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Your Money Show – How To Be A Better Networker

Everyone gets frustrated with networking events or networking groups. The problem is that every is selling everyone else at these events. No one really pays attention to what you have to say, they are only interested in finding out if you have any clients for them.

Your Money Show interviewed Casey Eberhart who discussed the right way to increase your sales by networking. One of his tips is to stop bringing business cards to events. Another one of his networking tips, is to network with the top brass. Stop trying to talk with everyone at the event. Find the top well connected people and network with them. If you want to be a better networker, connect with Casey Casey Eberhart. He helped me tremendously. Make sure you click Radio Interview for how did we connect. Connect With Casey

We also spoke with Rob Liano again about how to get things done. If you need to go on a diet, or create a financial plan, Your Money Show talked about how to get it done. Also on the show we answered a listener email about 770 accounts.