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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu for Great Health – Get The Sleep You Need

After a long day, you head for bed eager to go to sleep. But you just can’t seem to turn your mind off. Maybe your anxious about tomorrow or replaying what you should have done or said today. The longer you lie awake, the more anxious you get.

Over 25% of us have difficulty getting the sleep we need. As many as 10% of us have full blown insomnia. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Sleeping pills are only a short term solution and a poor substitute for Serotonin, which helps us relax. We can stimulate our own production of Serotonin by choosing foods that are good sources of Tryptophan.

This week we talk with Travis Usinger. Travis overcame his own sleep challenges using natural techniques such as yoga and meditation. For those facing serious issues with sleep, Travis will tell us about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Travis produces guided meditations on his website to help us unwind and get a restful night of sleep every night.

Tune in to hear simple techniques you can use to improve your sleep. As always, you’ll hear specific food choices and recipes for cooking easy, healthy dishes. For more healthy eating ideas visit Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.