Money and Success

Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast! So is your company culture feeding your profits, or eating you alive?

Encore presentation of one of my most popular episodes — join me and my guest Robert Cornish, as we delve into the critical importance of deliberately creating a positive company culture, and how that one difference can have you outperforming your competitors by 300 — 500%! Think it’s too hard? Robert has some killer tips and some remarkably easy ways you can start to shift your company culture immediately. Find out how one struggling business owner turned things around and gave himself the top 3 things virtually all small business owners want (more leads, more sales, and more time — am I right, aren’t those your top 3?) just from a 10 minute meeting. That’s right, a 10 minute meeting. What are you waiting for?! Listen to the show, and then find out more from Robert at