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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – A Lost Path Is A New Beginning

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of her soon to be released book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love interviews Judith Diana Winston author of The Keeper of the Diary. A fictional rendition of the ancient mysteries surrounding mystical beliefs about the nature of life, where we come from, and how we are assisted by universal energies, begins with the reader encountering the main character, Cassie, a fashion photographer who takes on an unlikely job in Egypt where a diary mysteriously appears in her camera case. Deeply drawn to the content, she discovers an amazing connection to the writer of the diary and alternates between belief and disbelief..If the diary indeed holds some truth, it suggests not only is the writer in danger but our entire planet.

Judith Winston is a visionary photo-artist, writer, life mentor, and author of Meditative Magic- The Pleiadean Glyphs an inspired collection of conscious altering symbols. Ms. Winston has photographed and experienced the mysteries of many of the world’s ancient sacred stone sites including the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Bolivia’s Tiahuanaco Easter Island and more. Judith and Sheryl will share their journeys into mystical studies surrounding ancient people, places, mystics and healers in search of the means and tools to understand life, evolution, and universal source now in this present time.

It is clear in this story and true in our life that Judith explains that we all relate to our physical bodies, but also have an invisible energy body which is fed and run by energy from the Cosmos..the seven invisible energy centers or chakras have a vital role in sustaining every atom of our physical body. The important thing to remember is that each chakra has a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual component. When any of them are blocked, the energy in that part of your life will be blocked as well. Learning about our dual nature as both physical and spiritual beings is a large part of the mystery that Cassie discovers as she also discovers about past cultures and who we really are. A chakra is the focal point to bring in the energy of aliveness from Universal Energy and the 3 collective unconscious or soul part of our existence. Under proper circumstances energy may animate the physical body bringing about self-awareness and spiritual awakening. The chakra system represents a very sophisticated understanding of the whole of a person-body, mind and spirit. The Kundalini energy, which must be awakened in the process is located around the first chakra and can be activated by various spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and chanting…also by situations of stress, great loss, or near death experiences.

Judith writes, “ It has been said that in the Dark Time, when the old ways no longer held and confusion reigned, there would come Way-Showers to lead Mankind out of the turmoil and doubt and into a New Era of Light. So, it is in these days of deep questioning, when many go within to search for answers, that the ancient legends and stories of a Great Brotherhood of Light whose members walk amongst Man, begin to surface once again.”

Judith explains the main theme of the book and some of the characters. The main character, Cassie (Cassandra Wolf) is a photographer who in a strange turn of events is given an unlikely assignment in Egypt where she finds an ancient diary which allows her to discover a surprising connection to the diary’s writer. Cassie soon finds herself tapping into a potent stream of knowledge and energy that has flowed through ancient civilizations and reveals the secrets underlying our world. It becomes clear that understanding these secrets is essential in battling the forces of Ignorance, Fear and Separation that threatens humanity today. Jean Luc, Cassie’s boyfriend gets her the job, Lisa, Cassie’s friend in Los Angeles encourages her to go. When Cassie arrives in Cairo, she meets Rashid, the tour guide, his nephew Hakim and his Camel –Cali- forn- ia. Gabriel and Melissa are part of the group and everyone is there for a photo shot by the Pyramids. In the diary there are additional characters that we meet… Sara, Benjamin, and David as a young boy and later as a man surrounded by mystery. Cassie finds herself with many spiritual people who are part of the photo shoot and also in the diary she is reading….all involved in new ways at looking at who we are as human and spiritual beings which is not part of Cassie’ mindset. You might call Cassie a skeptic when it comes to understanding synchronicity, coincidences, higher consciousness, mediumship, an afterlife, or any of these mystical or paranormal concepts. This character reminds Sheryl of the way she was before her own spiritual awakening and the years of training to develop her Reiki Energy Healing practice and mediumship work.

As Cassie reads the diary, we learn that another main character in the story is David, the mysterious hero of the journal who finds himself in an Egyptian village with no memory of his life before. It turns out he begins to have dreams and sees a guide who finally tells him that although he is human, he is a direct descendant of a higher group of beings know as the Pleiadeans. He is also told that the history of Mankind is very complex..the earliest humans had a soul group identity and were eternal but as they evolved there was a separation of the sexes, individual souls and mortality. Although the Human Race has maintained a larger soul group, each individual now has a continuing soul or essence and is responsible for learning the laws of nature, universal energy, and man. Ultimately our personal and physical life, if we are lucky, reminds us of our internal soul essence and helps us to see we may reconnect to the God force or universal energy and are eternal members of a unified life force.

On the course of the book, Judith describes many sacred sites around the world such as; The Pyramids in Cairo then Petra located in the Jordanian desert where the ancient Edomite City which is surrounded by impenetrable mountains, and where the Nabataean temple (The Khazneh), which is carved out of the living red rock exists. Petra is also a place where the original Essenes, 4,000 years ago, a faction of the Jews who were unhappy with the secularization of the Jewish Priesthood and physically separated themselves to lead a simpler and more spiritual life. The most well known location of this mystical group, the Essenes was at Qumran, located between the limestone cliffs of the Judean desert and the maritime bed alongside the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, were found by archeologists and documented many religious happenings, miracles, stories of angels and an afterlife that had been held sacred by the Essenes.

Judith describes the ancient people known as the Essenes as a few who were so motivated by Spirit and their trust in the Power of God to work through them. These Essenes took to healing the sick on a one to one basis. These wise healers so filled with God’s love established a community and would retrieve the sick mostly lepers who had been cast out of cities. The healer would dedicate his or her life to restoring the health of the other and took up residence in one of the many caves of Petra. Often, miraculously the sick person was made well and the community of healers who believed in this hand on form of Divine Healing grew. Today, in every country of the world, there are dedicated messengers and healers who have so much faith in Universal Source, that they work much as these ancient healers did long ago. Sheryl has been trained in the Japanese ancient healing art known as Reiki and is proud to be part of that ancient tradition which is similar to the practices of the Essenes.

Judith goes on to talk about the ancient land of Atlantis, which is believed to have been somewhere off the coast of Greece and Italy, and which due to the warring factions, one who believed in these spiritual connections and the other group who believed in the materialistic or physical needs of the individual, eventually destroyed their beautiful civilization. It was a battle between good and evil.

Judith discusses that star beings play a role in the story and Sheryl asks “What are star beings and why are they in the story”? The story goes on to tell how David, the main character who is written about in the journal, finds himself in an Egyptian town without recollection of anything. The townspeople take him in and help him. In a dream, David sees a stranger in a dark robe with piercing blue eyes accompanied by a scent of roses who appears and explains to him how mankind came to be… Judith writes “Before there was anything there was only Oneness-or spirit. Over eons of time Facets of Curiosity developed within the oneness (might be individual souls) they pulled themselves out of the oneness. However, the Facets knew they were of the Oneness and always returned. Inherent in the nature of Oneness, there existed a potential for all possibilities. One of these possibilities was the Process of Materialization-the method by which Spirit becomes Matter. This process is what later resulted in the development of Mankind. Spiritual essence eventually coalesced into physical form-the Hu-man body.”

In the beginning, the Facets knew who they were and always returned but eventually they became so preoccupied with exploring they forgot they were the Oneness. No longer was there a single element. Now there were two elements-Spirit and Matter. This comprised the most basic of dualities and now these primal forces were established and would forever pull upon one another.. You can think of these forces as two magnets and the Materializing Force will perpetually pull upon Spirit to create more Matter. After the time of Man’s creation the duality has taken on a form of a battle. It isa battle acted out both in the Heavens and on the Earth plane many times and in many ways.

Hu-mans are not the only intelligent Life Form in existence –they are one of the newest. Star beings, or extraterrestrial beings, beings from many different parts of the Universe also came to identify themselves either with the energies of Oneness-Spirit-Light or with those of Darkness. These star beings have greatly impacted events on Earth. Both types of Star Beings understood the strengths and weaknesses of Mankind or the Hu-mans.

They knew as Hu-mans increased their identification with Matter, important changes would occur. Further isolation from Spirit would cause them to feel protective of themselves, their territory and their possessions. The need to protect creates Fear and Greed. Due to human’s emotional make-up when they are in a state of fear they give up their personal power and become easy to manipulate. The Dark Star Beings knew they could control Mankind.

Man’s biggest problem has been Human’s themselves—They have always been their own worst enemy and often chosen to misuse their vast intelligent and infinite imagination to exploit one another and the planet. Without realizing the inter-connection and Oneness of all Life and understanding that whatever one does or even thinks affects everyone and everything the mind becomes completely detached from the heart and that is the situation Earth finds itself in today. Kabbalah the mystical form of Judaism relates these ideas much the same way as we just expressed.

In the diary, David, who is human and also a descendent of the “good” star beings (the Pleiadeans) is eventually informed that his personal task in this life relates to the current condition of the Human Race This current condition shows Humans have lost their connection to Spirit putting the human race at a crossroad and a time for a decision in which way to proceed. Due to Mankind’s ability to develop advanced technology this has vastly outpaced his moral understanding or human nature. Man must choose now between 2 conflicting options.
1. Choose cooperative living whereby he uses power in a positive way- a way that enhances Earth and all life upon it.
2. The other path is to continue to live with collective Greed using power in a negative way-which might benefit a few but could destroy all.
HUMANS have had numerous challenges in their evolution and the use or misuse of power has been the most difficult one. One of the earliest ways it showed up was in Mankind’s sexuality… now sexuality in and of itself is a magnificent thing however the profound meaning of sexual energy is more than procreation…In Truth it is a pathway to the Divine. However in its lowest form it can be used as an instrument for power and control.

This division has created the separation of masculine polarity from feminine polarity. Respecting and honoring the qualities of both energies (male and female) and the oneness that we have been separated from is through reuniting , reconnecting so that balance and harmony may be restored. The dark forces of negativity influenced by certain celestial star beings who create fear and manipulate the humans will be conquered and we will be able to live in a world that brings Heaven and Earth together.

When Sheryl asks Judith what the next step for humans will be Sheryl expresses her awareness that since about the year 2,000 we have begun a New Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius relates to the act of self actualization and developing our many spiritual gifts. It will also be a time for understanding the essence of life and the possibilities for creating Heaven on Earth-merging science, religion and spirituality into a more unified body of knowledge needed to work alongside technological advances. Human nature which has been slow to incorporate a greater level of compassionate thinking and action as the world has focused more on the physical needs and materialistic view towards what constitutes a good productive life. Change is needed at this time in all our institutions, family values and personal is probably the only way to reverse some of the harm that has been done to the planet and to our natural resources. We must act as a united force for caring for each other and the planet and must work hard at shifting lower vibrations or emotions such as greed anger violence corruption and injustice to bring forth the higher vibrational aspects of love compassion abundance joy and a love of life.

Judith mentions that her heroine Cassie is like a modern day Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Cassie like Dorothy and every human is seeking a way home…a way to remember the courage love and eternal dream of forever and Oneness with the Universal Source of life…the place our soul originates in and returns to after passing from the physical body…Cassie seeks self-actualization through the challenges and events of her life to become the best version of herself and to live in peace and harmony loving herself and others as did Dorothy in a far, foreign and frightening place. We are all on the human journey to refine and fulfill the needs of the energetic soul part of our existence which is indeed learning and remembering creation as it was and will be again and again.

Judith and Sheryl have through a fictional piece of writing examined many ancient ideas underlying the secrets of our world, ancient civilizations and the way people have always battled the forces of Darkness, Ignorance, Fear and Separation from the Source or Universal Energy. It would appear that to fulfill our destiny means each of us must overcome self-doubt while opening our minds and hearts to infinite possibilities for life altering changes. Judith shares many of the complicated realizations by civilization over time discovering who we are as infinite and finite beings. “Humans are complex because they can experience emotions”…most especially love which can be both a gift and a problem.

Judith and Sheryl know that we must not allow ourselves to stagnate or to allow the dark impulses to take us away from a cooperative and loving interaction with others. In that way we may come to recognize that we are all truly more than just physical Hu-man Beings and as the essence of Spirit have the personal power, intuition, and courage to win our own inner battle for right and wrong. That is the way to bring the forces for good or evil, peace or war, cooperation or competition, back into alignment with our true soul state and to use the greatest of our Hu-man expressions….our emotions to love and to make this world shine with brilliance, fairness and trust.