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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu for Great Health – Whole Grains for Health

Your walking through the bulk aisle looking at bins full of grains with names like Amaranth, Millet, or Quinoa. Surely if the store sells these things, somebody is eating them. But what are these grains and how do you cook them?

Whole grains are a healthy addition to a balanced diet. They taste delicious, offer lots of nutrition, and are an affordable way to round out a menu for great health. From B-Vitamins to fiber, to important minerals, you count on whole grains as a good source.

This week we talk with Cherie Schetselaar, author of “Grain Crazy – 100 ways to make cooking with grains easy”. Cherie began exploring ways to modify her favorite recipes to make them healthier. She discovered a whole world of grains and began experimenting in the kitchen. Cherie writes a blog featuring fantastic recipes for cooking and baking with whole grains.

Tune in to hear about different grains to try and simple ways to prepare them. As always, you’ll hear specific food choices and recipes for cooking easy, healthy dishes. For more healthy eating ideas visit Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.