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Nickel Dime Speculator

Gary Gonzales

Nickel Dime Speculator – 070714

In the episode we look at stock picks made my professional as represented in fortune 500 magazine. They chose at total of 19 stocks. from 02Jan14 to market close 30JUN14 8 went up for a total of 96.03% and 11 went down a total of 115.01% for a total loss of 28.98%
The suggested stocks made by me through my E-News letter THE NICKEL DIME $PECULATOR the stocks in three portfolios: THE LOW COST EQUITIES PORTFOLIO, THE RUSSELL 1000 PORTFOLIO, AND THE STANDARD AND POOR’S 500 PORTFOLIO, inscreased as follows. The low cost port increased 153.41%. The russell 1000 increased by 78.93% and the S&P 500 increased by 126.44% for a total gain of 358.78% I discuss why the difference occurred.