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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – The Central Oregon Real Estate Economy Continues to Heat Up!

Real estate prices are on the rise and Central Oregon is no exception. Inventory is down and demand is causing prices to climb! Everywhere you look in the media, the city of Bend and the entire Central Oregon area is being touted as the place to live! The “quality of life” and “the outdoor recreation opportunities” are making national media! Area population is growing at a very fast pace and it’s definitely having an impact on the real estate economy here!

The question is, “Is Central Oregon still affordable?” With rent costs continuing to climb, renting instead of owning may not be an option either.

Join me today as my guest, Mark Rieger of Mark Rieger Realty, and I discuss why it’s important to NOT delay the home buying process, especially for first-time home buyers in any area market! Establishing a plan is critical before more people are locked out as prices continue to climb.

Knowledge is empowering and getting a “Credit Readiness Review” will give you to the tools you need to make informed decisions and conquer your real estate world!