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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – What’s New in Fillers, PRP & Ulthera? Three great procedures reviewed by Dr Lycka & Dr Nowak

It is a very exciting time at the moment for patients and doctors alike as new things are coming out all the time. This week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, we bring you an expert in fillers and a fast adapter of the latest products, when your show host, Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes once again Dr Eugene Nowak, board certified dermatologist from San Diego, California. The two doctors begin by talking about Voluma, a long lasting injectable facial filler recently available in the USA. They talk about the best places to use it and also the benefits of using Voluma in combination with other fillers in different areas of the face, and at different depths in the skin. They then talk about using the latest products for micro-needling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and how that has developed into a facial rejuvenation procedure that every patient loves. Finally they discuss the latest applications for Ulthera, as its use is extended into areas of the body which have traditionally been a challenge for rejuvenation, such as the chest décolleté area, elbows, and knees, amongst other areas.

Download the Show Notes here for the detailed content of this interview in PDF format.