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Jerry Katzman, MD

Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life – TopFlightTechnologies Long Phan Phd Interview UAV’s Unmanned Aviation Vehicles -The start of a technological innovation and revolution

This week Jerry Katzman M.D. interviews Long Phan Phd President & VP of Products of a new high tech company, Top Flight Technologies, Top Flight Technologies based in Boston Mass. What is amazing is the company’s management team which is a who’s who of the worlds most brilliant minds and a technological “think tank” second to none in the world. The topic this week a sleeping giant in the making UAV’s ( unmanned Aviation Vehicles) Drones! While most of the public will associate drones with the military, iraq, covert operations etc, the benefits of this expanding technology will change life as we know it. While at its infancy in the U.S. as people become aware of its benefits UAV’s will undoubtedly become the gorilla in the room as it already has in other countries around the world. The management team is comprised of award winning MIT graduates who have participated in projects such as the development of the first autonomous helicopter ( takes off, flies, and lands automatically after being programmed) The Hubble Space Telescope,Nasa, IT, software and software simulation & development, as well as a CEO with over 30 years experience with the FAA and aviation. Discover the current applications and uses of UAV’s as well as a look into the scientific future. An eye opening interview that will keep you thinking of the possibilities today and as it evolves.