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Your Money Show – Elder Abuse and How To Stop It

Your Money Show talked about elder abuse. Yes everyone knows about financial abuse like identity theft or taking money from seniors. However we talked about a different kind of financial abuse and how to stop it. You might not even recognize this kind of abuse, but it is abuse. You might be of the age to worry about it. However you do have parents and grandparents that need to be taken care. Your Money Show talks about how to spot financial abuse and what to do about it.

Your Money Show also interview David Van Arrick. David is a Black Belt, an Acupuncturist, a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, and an NLP Trainer. David talked about the 3 brains. You thought you had only one brain. You have three. David explains one of the brains and how it works. If you want to take control of anything in your life, you need to know how to master this part of your brain.

To learn more about David and the 3 brains visit his website

And returning to the show is Johnny Mystic, who gave me a Numeroscope. He read my numbers and told me who I was in a past life. Apparently I was a wild child and in this life I have come back to help people with their finances. Johnny also read the numbers of the market and has something to say about how the market will be for the rest of the year.