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A New Spin on Autism: Answers!

Lynette Louise

A New Spin on Autism: Answers! – Generalizing Skills with NLP, Michael Stevenson and the Engage Program aka Mundo Pato.

Michael Stevenson of Transform Destiny is a hypnotherapist, NLP master and Success Coach with a challenging past. His home study course Subconscious Influence is full of tips on how to connect with everyone in the environment.

This is a very useful podcast fully equipped to make life simpler by filling you with needed information that is easy to digest. Because Lynette and Michael share concepts that apply to all people and don’t simply hide under the umbrella of autism, every point raised can help everyone. And that is what it is to generalize via cross discipline learning.

Lynette and Michael break it down and go through lesson by lesson various ways to connect and teach ANYONE! The whole family should listen. This is a great back and forth chat that really brings tips to siblings, parents and teachers alike.

Following Michael, GREAT GUEST GIVEAWAY guest ,Pam Smith of the Engage Program aka Mundo Pato, offers a free ebook on how to teach group dynamics to challenged children! Pam addresses the inherent problems created in classroom filled with many.

In Stories From The Road Lynette shares her brain test results.

Today’s unspoken question: Is raising autism easy?
Today’s answer: It is when you generalize and teach group dynamics!