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Astrological Cook

Joan Porte

Astrological Cook – Find Your Truth! Find Yourself by Going Inside and Journaling Your Way to New Realizations!

Today we are all about the 9th house, the house where we go out into the big world and find our “meaning of life.” We really grow up in the 9th and brave the challenges and wonders of the universe. When I prepare astrological chart interpretations for my clients, I look to the 9th house to see how engaged they are with other religions, other cultures – all the joys of the world.

My guest today is Nathan Ohren of Write 4 Life, a man who is bringing journaling off the paper and onto the computer! His motto is “Journaling for Passion, Clarity and Purpose” and he brings all of them today. Nathan also announces his latest venture – an online dream journaling class. I can’t wait!