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Brett Goldstein

Your Money Show – Retirement Crisis

Your Money Show talked about The Retirement Crisis and how most people don’t know what investments they have in their portfolio. All they know is that their financial advisor told them to buy an investment. Brett talked about his book The Retirement Crisis and how most people will retire, they will just retire into poverty. All because of the lack of financial education.

Your Money Show also interviewed Maurice DiMino. Maurice is an award winning speaker, author and mentor focused on professional training in public speaking. His message for everyone is to have a million dollar message. He tells you have to develop your million dollar message and how to get your message into the public through his million dollar template.

We also talked about identity theft and how identity thieves are filing fake tax returns. This is so big that the FBI has issued warnings. We talk about it and let you know how to spot it and what to do if you think someone filed a fake tax return using your name