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Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Ask Dr. Love – How to Connect on a Soul Level With Radio Personality and Life Coach Glenn Brooks

When it comes to your intimate relationships, do you feel that something is missing?

Does you crave deeper, more real connections?

Do you sometimes even feel lonely in your relationships?

If you said yes to any of my questions, then you need to tune in to this week’s show.

I’ll be speaking with internationally renowned coach, entrepreneur, radio host, and self-renewal expert Glenn Brooks who is on a mission to discover what’s possible beyond possible!

Through “relational intelligence,” Glenn demonstrates how we can all engage in a deeper experience of life. The heart of his work is about helping you discover your core message, and tap into your most authentic self while connecting with the people in your life on the deepest possible level. This practice of living from the inside out creates an amazing shift in life, business, and relationships, and gives you the tools you need to create the life of your dreams.
In his 26 years on the air, Glenn has interviewed visionaries including Deepak Chopra, M.D., Ram Dass, Byron Katie, Guy Finley (author of The Way of Wonder), Richard Moss, M.D. (author of The Second Miracle), Yogi Don Stapleton, and physicist Peter Russell.
Join me for a show that is sure to enlighten and inform you.