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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – The Fourth Phase of Water with Gerald Pollack

While we have grown accustomed to treating it as just another chemical compound comprised of (2) Hydrogen and (1) Oxygen atoms, water has always been and will always be more than that.

Scientists and academicians have steered clear of any in-depth research on water, for fear that their careers, and abilities to continue to earn a livelihood or maintain “stature” among their peers, might be jeopardized.

This is what makes Gerald Pollack, PhD, professor of bio-engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle a notable exception.

As author of “The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, Vapor”, Dr. Pollack has some fascinating and important insights to share from his research into the amazing properties of water, and some of the history of why change has been so slow.

Adam traveled to Seattle to spend a morning in conversation with Dr. Pollack. In this show they discuss historical mileposts and research casualties, and the properties and nature of what he terms, “Exclusion Zone” water, or “EZ” water.