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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Past Life and Soul Rememberances

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, Sheryl Glick, author of her newest book The Living Spirit – Answers for Healing and Infinite Love (available May 2014), welcomes Lorraine Flaherty, author of Healing With Past Life Therapy. Lorraine is a Transformational therapist, trainer and is the pioneer of Inner Freedom Therapy designed to help people reach their full life potential finding their way past the beliefs and or restrictions of the past to freedom and peace for mind body and soul.

Lorraine and Sheryl will discuss their discoveries that as multi-dimensional beings the possibilities for healing and overcoming childhood fears, limitations, and traumas in order to create a more prosperous and abundant loving new reality is possible. In the process of multidimensional healing, we discover more accurately the role of karma, soul groups, exploring past life awareness, and possible consequences for issues we are dealing with in this time and space recognizing that we may explore the future before it actually happens.

Lorraine begins the show by telling about her early life in England and her beginning interest in metaphysical or esoteric ideas. Lorraine was an inquisitive child always asking why and in a strict Catholic school environment this was a troublesome quality. She found it hard to believe a loving God would send you to Hell if you misbehaved and didn’t follow rules or questioned the priests and teachers . At about 11 years old Lorraine realized that these doctrines and belief system had no rational and she began to study the roots of early religion and spiritual teachings including the Mesopotamians, Essenes, Christian Gnostics, Jewish Kabbalists, Persian Mystics and the Ancient Egyptians to name but a few..discovering that many of the teachings of the Catholic Church had origins that went back way before the time of Christ. These studies led Lorraine to conclude as has Sheryl, that essentially all the religions are pretty much the same. She concluded that Source or Universal Energy is an energy or essence that we are all part essence that chooses to know more of itself by experiencing in a physical life- good and bad, knowledge and lack of wisdom, and then find its way home. Therefore, when you are done with physical existence you will still live.

In describing Lorraine’s professional training and how institutes in England support the concept of spiritual healing, energy medicine, past life studies, near death studies and afterlife information, Sheryl suggests that many European countries have a great deal of knowledge about ancient religions and mystical studies while it is still rather a new discipline here in the United States. Lorraine’s specialty is guiding people into the subconscious part of their mind so they can explore their current life memories, their past and future lives and the space between lives to learn more about who they really are and how they can heal. She has a private practice in Covent Garden, Central London. She runs corporate training sessions on Communications, Influencing and Presentation Skills, and teaches Accelerated Learning and Clinical Hypnosis to midwives and student doctors in UK Universities which include Oxford and Cambridge and UCI . She offers workshops and retreats on Finding Inner Freedom. She is a director of the Past and Future Life Society.

While Sheryl was studying with International Medium Robert Brown from England, she became aware of the International Spiritual Federation, a large group of healers and mediums worldwide with a large British population. Lorraine goes on to mention mentors who have assisted her in her own development including;

Ursula James, a teacher at LCCH Clinical Hypnosis who helped to demystify hypnosis and prove to the medical community that it offered a valuable tool for unlocking information in the subconscious mind.

Jane Roberts who channeled a multidimensional being who called himself Seth who related to her, “You have lived before and you will live again, and when you are done with physical experience you will live again.”

Dr. Raymond Moody, a former guest of “Healing From Within” and foremost authority on NDE exploring people who were clinically dead for a short time and then recovered.

Milton Erikson, an American Psychiatrist and hypnotherapist . “Everything you need to know is already in your own subconscious realm”.

Carl Jung, who believed that everyone has a personal unconscious a storage center in the mind where experiences unique to that individual are held and he also believed in a collective or Universal Consciousness which stored the memories and experiences of everyone who had ever lived. Carl also had a near death experience, believed in reincarnation and many lives and was the spiritual leader in the field of psychology unlike Freud who focused more on one individual life creating mental problems usually due to sexual experiences.

Edgar Cayce, a successful prophet and mystic who made many predictions for people and while in trance could access the collective unconscious or Akashic records, where like a computer in the Universe, everything about everyone was stored. Cayce believed that you would be held to account after life in a life review for everything done or not done, and would have to deal with consequences of their own karma..not as punishment but as continued refinement of the soul’s growth process.

In discussing her new book, Lorraine provides evidence of the validity of past lives and offers a self-help guide to delve deeply into past life regression and future lives and offers a thorough understand of each step of the process. It contains detailed transcripts of actual sessions and ordinary people speaking of new levels of self-discovery. Confirming that she has gone through the same healing journey, Lorraine shares stories from her own life and past lives. A major reason for valuing and understanding our past lives and the karma associated with it helps clear away mental clutter, unnecessary fears and empowers the individual to make clearer decisions while discovering what would serve their highest good in this time and place.

Lorraine believes that people reading the book can experience physical, emotional and spiritual corrections, new perceptions, and the ability to release past blockages, which hinder further success and joy in this life time. Healing with Past Life Therapy attempts to provide evidence that past lives and reincarnation are real. We are aware and it has been documented that some children share stories names places and descriptions of past events and places and when researched details are found to be is only possible if they were there or shared that information with another soul who was there. Dr. Ian Stevenson documented thousands of stories from around the world from children who had vivid recall of the lives they lived before. Often in regression there is a change of accent, voice pitch and tone and the emotional and physical responses observed may be different than what is usual for this client or patient… Strong memories in dreams or déjà vu help people remember and reconnect to past times and strong impulses. Reincarnation is referred to as a rebirth or the transmigration of the soul and the soul is referred to as the spiritual of immaterial part of the being regarded as of energy and immortal. The soul brings in the aspects of personality and accumulated impressions that get carried over from life time to lifetime.

Sheryl remarks that her own mother told her she had an English accent until she was four, Sheryl now lives in an English Tudor house, both her children have taken courses and jobs in England and her first International Medium Teacher was Robert Brown from England and many of her guests on Healing from Within have been from England.

Lorraine has many examples from the show from clients who have overcome fears and obsessions in the life by discovering facts from their past experiences. For example, Lorraine tells story of a client who revealed a life as an Egyptian Priestess who was murdered by an enemy group stealing their gold and in her life now avoids wearing gold…Another story of a man who described a life as a Missionary priest who travelled from Southampton to Fiji in the 1800’s and built a church was a volcanic island and after the session went on line and found the church and date that the client had given and indeed there was a volcano on the mountain.

In discussing karma and how karma relates to a greater understanding of past lives, we discover that in many cultures the belief is that you reap what you sow or that your decisions and actions in the present may have serious consequences on the events in your life or lives in the future. Note Karma is not based on punishment and rewards but simply on cause and effect, action and reaction and learning to correct anything which could have been more positive for a better life experience. Uncovering past life experiences can make sense of fears, phobias, injuries and ailments, obsessions and great passions and the resulting insights can lead to a release of old negative ways of thinking fears and limiting beliefs..even unexplained aches and pains can be released.

It is hard to know how many life times people have or need. Everyone is different. You may have had very few lives of many. You may have had lives where little emotional charges or imprints were made and so these events do not need to be explored or issues there resolved In lives where karmic events or promises were not kept. All issues will be played out again in another time and place..Karma as positive or negative impressions are buried within the energy field of the soul and affect life on the unconscious level either helping a person seek the best responses or prohibiting positive outcomes. Within each lifetime, different lessons need to be learnt and sometimes karmic issues arise which need to be resolved before the cycles of life are finally over and one may stay in the afterlife forever..Each individual soul continues to evolve and expand in wisdom beauty and infinite love for creation and a respect for their own soul needs and for the society’s they live in.

Lorraine gives her description of what a soul group is and how you may know if someone in your life is in your soul group. We do not make agreements or contracts with every soul but will have done so with the key players in our planned life, and not all people we interact with are in our soul group. There is an ongoing theme that is being worked through as all members in the soul group tend to be working on the same lesson. Members of a soul group will tend to have the same vibrational frequency and at the spirit realm level can be described as having the same color, energy, and the same sound frequency. Also members of other soul groups who are working on other issues will offer to help you as you can all learn from each other. You can discover for certain if someone is part of your soul group or if they have chosen to be with you in your life only by having a dialogue and try to figure out what the theme of this life is and if you think you had other lives together and what the lessons were and what you hope to resolve now.

People are concerned and often discuss the terms soul mate, soul group, twin souls..and there are different interpretations of these terms. Sheryl believes that everyone you have an interaction with is a soul mate…not necessarily a twin soul or love relationship in the romantic framework. Soul mates are people who help you explore what you came into this life to discover, help you refine and expand your capacity to develop your intuition, sense of integrity, and divine spiritual gifts. In other words, soul mates are the mirror for your deepest exploration of your own instincts.

People often believe a soul mate refers to romantic love. However, there are many forms of love.

The Ancient Greeks had words for love such as:
• AGAPE Unconditional love or holding someone in high esteem.
• PHILIA This refers to friendship. It is a virtuous and loyal love.
• STORGE This refers to the affection that parents feel for their offspring and family.
• EROS Passionate, romantic love, with sensual desire and longing. Apparently this doesn’t have to be sexual in nature, or so says Plato, hence the word platonic for friendships that are nonphysical.

The desire to feel love is so strong and so many people look for love outside of themselves but in order to know love, one must look within, know themselves, appreciate their own instincts and send love out into the world to everyone without judgment, discrimination, or feeling the need to receive something back in return.

As Nat King Cole put it in his song Nature Boy… “The Greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return”…Sheryl made a reference to that song in her new book The Living Spirit . Lorraine discusses how if children do not receive love of self and a sense of their “specialness” they will be unable to love themselves fully and it is almost impossible for anyone else to love them fully either so they many feel empty and in need and look for love outside themselves. Many parents and caregivers thought that rather than spoil their children they would let them cry not pick them up and that children should be seen but not heard..this philosophy is damaging and closes down the hearts of so many …leading to fear of being hurt, of being rejected, of being abandoned. Lorraine and Sheryl would offer the hope for parents and teachers that they allow young people to voice their views and needs and be respected as souls having the wisdom of the universe and spirit and being allowed to develop along the path that would best serve them and society. In other words, respect the child as you respect yourself and your most revered leaders for they are indeed the conscious voice of the future.

Lorraine, in describing her view of our life plan and how synchronicity or coincidences help us along the path of life tells about Carl Jung.” Carl Jung, a psychologist an investigator into paranormal phenomena believes that coincidences had a deeper meaning and are not random but events that happen as a result of a predetermined life plan leading to events and experiences that are inevitable and valuable in finding and completing our life mission or purpose..Coincidences can be seen as signposts and may appear in many ways for example a piece of music, a snippet of a conversation or reading a passage in a book or magazine or on television or in other ways that answers a question or area of exploration that is important to you”…Sheryl thinks that when one awakens to the true nature of their soul and physical life as a combined process for Universal expansion or creation those in spirit respond with the help that was always available to each of us but went unnoticed as we went about our daily physical challenges. Paying attention and asking for help guidance and resources shows us that miracles and coincidences are our normal state of our divine soul essence and you will begin to experience more synchronicity and abundance. Struggle and suffering are man- made conditions. Health happiness and prosperity are the soul’s true birthright.

Lorraine and Sheryl have shared their experiences into their research and practice into hypnosis, psychic wisdom, energy practices, and the joy of developing soul spiritual gifts as the means to eliminating fears restrictions and limitation for the prime purpose of enhancing, balancing, and refining our physical and spiritual lives The conclusion is as always that everything is possible when we create thoughts and actions that reflect kindness, goodness, and an acceptance of everyone as they are. As it was said long ago by Winston Churchill “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Lorraine and Sheryl, as seekers of infinite possibilities for soul development, offer their interpretation of life as they see it as an infinite source for creation and love.