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Menu for Great Health – How to Grow Your Own Vegetables

One way to avoid GMO’s is to grow your own food! Homegrown vegetables taste fantastic, are easy to grow, and put you in control of what goes on your table. How cool would it be to walk into your yard and harvest food every day?

From a few simple containers to turning a corner of your yard into a garden, you can have a steady supply of fresh greens, herbs, and vegetables. Growing your own is fun and helps cut down on trips to the grocery store and can help you save big time on your grocery bill.

This week we talk with Mike Podlesny, author of “Vegetable Gardening For The Average Person”. Mike has been growing food to feed his family for nearly 30 years. his vegetable gardening tips and tricks have been featured in newspapers, magazines and blogs around the world. He has also appeared on ABC and NBC sharing his vegetable gardening experience.

Tune in to hear how you can get started growing your own vegetables and enjoy the benefits of being a home gardener. As always, you’ll hear specific food choices and recipes for cooking easy, healthy dishes. For more healthy eating ideas visit Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.