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Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – The Only Competitive Advantage NO ONE Can Take Away From You

To build a profitable business that will last, one of the most crucial strategies for a small business owner is to create and implement their own Ideal Customer Experience.

If you ignore this simple fact, you will relegate yourself and your business to the status of a commodity, that has no option but to struggle and compete on price alone forever.

People today have way too many options for where to purchase all of their products and services, so if you don’t give them a great experience, chances are they’ll go elsewhere next time, and never even let you know why, or how you failed them.

Join this lively discussion of why Customer Experience is THE premier issue in business today, with Ann and her guest, Customer Experience Expert Don Thorpe of Shared Experience Consulting.

Find out some key tips you could implement immediately to impact your own customer experience, such as the Always/Never Strategy, and you’ll see why creating your own Ideal Customer Experience is truly the competitive advantage no other business can ever take away from you.