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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Primary Water: Earth’s Greatest Unwrapped Gift

All of this is being done because the general belief in water science (hydrology) is that all potable or “fresh” water available exists either on the Earth’s surface (lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, in the air (clouds), or as ground water (wells and aquifers).

The other assumption is that this water is the only water that is available. The specter of shrinking supply amid increased demand has threatened to turn water into “the new oil,” in more ways than one.

Fortunately, there are those who have looked beyond the gospel that mainstream science has preached regarding water. It turns out that Mother Earth has been providing an abundant store of water all along. Referred to as “Primary Water,” it is made through the internal dynamics and pressures of the planet itself, beneath the mantle.

Estimates are that the Earth is holding three to ten times or more times the water inside, than all the available waters on the surface, combined. Better yet, these “primary waters” are accessible when you know how to look for them, and they are continuous flowing. In other words, once tapped, the flow could conceivably continue indefinitely, because the geothermal dynamics inside the planet would make water production continuous.

That’s why Primary Water is important, and the Primary Water Institute wants you to know about it, and that’s why Adam visited with Greg O’Neill, one of the organizers of the Primary Water Institute, to share more.

Join us on this important journey deep within, not only to tap the native intelligence of your own mind, but this wondrous, vast, and untapped Gift of Nture that has simply waited for our awareness and acceptance.

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